My Engagement Insight

I was proposed to in December 2016 and after five years of waiting I said “YES!” through lots of tears, of course. Being engaged is a blur of congratulations and fast decision making. We’re still in our wedding planning stages (June 2018 here we come!) but some of the things we’ve gotten to do as an engaged couple are just down right fun!

1. Sharing our proposal story

This is something that is just yours and no one can duplicate or take away. Ours was quiet and personal and absolutely perfect. What I learned is it doesn’t really matter how he does it. As long as he puts thought into it you’re going to think it’s absolutely perfect.

Ryan took me back to the bench he asked to be his girlfriend on our freshman year of college.

2. Engagement Pictures

I absolutely loooooved taking our engagement pictures. We had so much fun and ours turned out amazing! My advice, plan ahead and pick a photographer that is local. We had a local photographer who knew the area and had his own ideas about what would work. Trust that your photographer has your best interest and let them take the lead. Ours did and he used a drone to shoot some of our pictures, very cutting edge!

3. Asking your friends to be part of your big day

We may not be the norm but we have a huge bridal party. I loved asking my girlfriends if they would stand by me. Ryan even made a point to personally ask every guy on his side. We made sure when we asked that it was a big deal, I even cried when I asked my maid of honor. These are the people who will see you through the ups and downs of marriage so I’d suggest picking the ones you know will stick around.

4. Wedding Planning

I am a Type-A personality so wedding planning is right up my alley. I actually have created 12 different Pinterest dedicated to our wedding. Everything from going on venue tours to picking our colors has been a thrill for me. I will say we chose to have a long engagement so that we would have plenty of time to figure everything out and not have to stress about planning and it has worked out for us, so far.


We have about nine more months of our engagement and it has been my favorite season of our relationship thus far. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Stay tuned!


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