May Goal Update

Wow! May is over and June is here! How is that even possible?! I can’t believe that this year is going by so fast! Here is an update on how my 2018 goals went during the month of May.

  1. Read one book a month – I’m still reading Audrey but I have like ten pages left so I’m going to say I’m basically done. May has been so hectic and to be honest Netflix took over a little bit more of my free time.
  2. Lose five pounds before the wedding – Still holding strong to where I want to be for the big day. I had to put my kickboxing membership on hold this past month so I wasn’t quite as active but I’m doing my best.
  3. Cook more and try new recipes – HA! We’ve been living in the drive thru this month while we’ve been renovating the house. So cooking has definitely been on the back burner – pun intended.
  4. Continue to make B&C a success – You tell me. I haven’t posted quite as much this month blog wise but I’ve been upping my Insta-story game so definitely tune into those to keep up with what’s going on. (@brittneydevine)

And just like that May is over! It’s June, it’s wedding month – let the games begin!


Published by B. DeVine

Lover of Jesus and margaritas, fitness and donuts, and naps and coffee.

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