Goal Recap – March

Uhm where did March go? Is it just me or is 2019 going by at record speed? Well March brought a lot of changes. They were changes for the better but they definitely took up a lot my time. Here how’s I did on my goals last month:

  1. Become more involved in the blogger community – I still haven’t physically been to any blogger events but my DMs are getting more and more popular! I have had more and more people reach out to me, a lot of it is junk but some of it is really good connections and leads.
  2. Post two blog posts a week OR eight posts a month – Yeeeaaah that didn’t happen. I wrote a whole four blog posts during the month of March. BUT I did get a lot more feedback on the blogs that I did publish.
  3. Read all the Harry Potter books – I’ve finished about half of the second book. There wasn’t a lot of time for reading last month.
  4. Eat healthier – March consisted of a lot of drive thru’s and snacking. I was exhausted for most of March and that led to not cooking at home which led to a lot of our healthy groceries going bad. But it’s a new month and a great time to get back on track.
  5. Workout three times a week – I worked out a total of FIVE times in the month of March. But three of them were all in one week so I did achieve this goal once! Score!
  6. Participate in 3 5K’s – I’ve still only completed one 5K but I still have plenty of time.


So I definitely still have a lot to work on but I don’t think this month was a total wash. I’m excited to see how this next month goes now that I’ve got my new schedule almost down. Here I come April!


XOXO Britt

Published by B. DeVine

Lover of Jesus and margaritas, fitness and donuts, and naps and coffee.

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