How To Make The Most Out of Your Outdoor Patio

The other day, I posted some summer patio ideas on Instagram that were affordable, adorable, and perfect for all outdoor patio needs! It is finally patio season and I could not be more excited about it! Creating a perfect patio is all about making it fun, but more importantly, it is about making it hostess (and guest) friendly. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most out of your outdoor patio:

Make a game plan

Before you run out and buy furniture or plan to extend your patio space, make a game plan. Take a good look at what you are working with and think about your long-term wants and needs. Doing this will really help you get a full picture and it will help you create a “need” and “want” list that you can tackle over time. Once the list is complete, start tackling your “needs” and then get to the want list later on! It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, so take your time.

Add in a garden

Do you have the space and the time to take care of a garden? Adding in a fruit and vegetable garden is an awesome thing to do right now, it will make your patio feel really “homey,” and you will reap the benefits, as well. If you have a little less time, focus on flowers instead. There are some useful (and pretty) flowers, such as lavender, that will really boost the look of your patio, while offering benefits such as natural mosquito control.

Fine tune your patio furniture

Seating is one thing, but a deep seating set, lounge chairs, loungers, or chaise lounges really allow you to stretch out and relax, whether it’s under an umbrella, by a swimming pool, on a deck, or even on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building. If the seating is comfortable, you’re more likely to kick back and spend some time outside, rather than sit down, say, at a patio dining table, eat a grilled burger, then go back inside. While you are at it, how about adding a hammock for some serious relaxation? 

One thing that you do need to consider, though, is 1) how are you getting this furniture to your home and 2) what are you doing with your old furniture? Patio furniture (especially high-quality furniture) is extremely heavy and sometimes, it is just better off letting someone else take over the project. A great example of this is a grill that my friend moved a few years ago. They got the grill free off of Facebook marketplace and it is an amazing grill, but it’s a few hundred pounds heavy. They had to rent a truck and carry it themselves. One of the guys moving it almost lost a toe because it dropped on it, and by the end of it all, it would have just been better (and more affordable) to hire a moving company to deliver the grill to their home. If this sounds like a better option to you, too, then make sure to choose a reputable company such as Our Truck Moving. They have a furniture pick up and drop off service, which is perfect for this scenario, and they also offer all other moving related services, since they are a full service moving company in TX! Don’t stress about moving the heavy furniture and grill(s) yourself. Hire them to take care of it for you.

Consider a screen or windows

Last but not least, consider a screen or windows. If you are not a fan of the heat, or bugs, I highly recommend this! While it might be costly at first, it will save you over time and make your patio much more comfortable for yourself and your guests!


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