State Fair of Texas

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love the State Fair of Texas! It is one of my favorite days of the year. The food and festivities are second to none.

Lets start with food, which is my main focus when I go to the fair. I research what has won the Big Tex Awards that year and where to find them. And yes, the majority of what I ate was fried in true Texas fashion.

  1. I started the day with a Fletcher’s Corn Dog. Basic, delicious and a staple at the fair. You have to have one every year.
  2. Fried Texas Sheet Cake was delicious! The perfect blend of crunch and sweetness with whipped cream on the side for good measure. This was probably my favorite dessert of the day.
  3. Fried Cheesecake Stuffed Apple Sundae was good but very messy. It was a cored out apple stuffed with cheesecake and then deep fried. The sweetness of the fried coating and cheesecake mixed with the tart Granny Smith apple was a hard combination to beat.
  4. Funnel Cake Queso Bacon Burger was truly life changing. Hands down the best thing I ate all day. This was a burger between two “buns” that were mini funnel cakes and topped with bacon and queso. I’d have another one in a heartbeat.
  5. Fried alligator – tastes like chicken. It was good and had a little kick to it in the batter.
  6. Fried Cheesecake was last on the list of sweet treats. Very good and not too sweet to end the day with. Much easier to eat than the sundae mentioned earlier also.

I drank mainly water all day to stay hydrated but I did indulge in a Strawberry Wit which is a strawberry belgium waffle beer. It was very refreshing and the powdered sugar rim put it over the top.

There are other things to do at the State Fair other than eat. I personally enjoy the Pig Races, Petting Zoo, Live Shows and people watching.

This year I was selected to participate in the pig races as a cheerleader/hype woman for my particular section. Not saying I had anything to do with it but our pig did win the hurdles race. The petting zoo is always a personal favorite of mine. This year I got to pet a kangaroo and I saw mini donkeys which I think are so adorable! I also stayed and watched a couple of the shows around the fair grounds.

A few tips for the State Fair – plan ahead, drink plenty of water and if you have extra tickets give them to someone on your way out.


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