How to Conquer Holiday Shopping

I am a notorious early Christmas shopper and I am always done before Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways that I accomplish that.

Start early, start early, start early! In my opinion it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping. If you have a place to hide the gifts then start as early as you can. I usually start thinking about it in June or July. This gives you the opportunity to get all the gifts and not spend all the money at once. I’m a big fan of spending a little bit along the way.

Stay organized! I have an app on my phone that I have used for a few years now, Santa’s Bag. You can set you budget and you can input all your gifts and ideas as you go. It really helps to keep me organized and too make sure I keep the number of gifts even for everyone. I also love that it tells me how much of my budget I have left so I always know if I’m on track or not.

I also like to make lists on Amazon. I keep a private shopping list of ideas of people throughout the year. This is also a really great way to watch for price drops on bigger gifts.

Listen! Listening to people is the easiest way to get your gift shopping done early. If you listen to things that people want throughout the year you will never run out of gift ideas. And you can put those ideas into your Santa’s Bag app so you won’t forget them.

So it’s very simple to conquer your holiday shopping. It’s supposed to be fun not a chore so stay organized and get shopping! Happy Holidays from B&C!


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