Wedding Dress Try On

Hello lovelies and happy Friday! Last night I went and had my try on appointment for my wedding dress. This post is both exciting (and a little emotional) because I’m going to share my experience finding my perfect dress!

I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted a big princess ball gown. I went into my first bridal appointment dead set on this gown.

My first appointment was at Stardust Celebrations in Plano TX. My first consultant was great, she had me walk the salon and we picked out five dresses. The very first dress I saw was not at all what I had described, it was a ball gown but it had a lot more bling than I had originally wanted. I decided that there was something about it that I just had to try on. We walked and picked up four more dresses and then off to the dressing room we went!

There was something about this dress and I had to try it on first. My consultant didn’t even get the dress zipped up before I was in tears. But was I in tears because this was my dress or because I can’t believe I’m actually trying on dresses? I went out and showed my entourage (doesn’t that sound so glamorous?) and everyone loved this dress!

Fast forward four more dresses, three of which were put back. I had two dresses to try back on including the very first dress. This second dress was old school glam and what I had always imagined, but no tears. I put the first dress back on and immediately tears were flowing.

Everyone knew this was my dress, but we had another appointment that afternoon. I felt like I had to go to this other appointment just to make sure that there wasn’t another dress for me out there.

So, the other appointment truly was a waste. I was overwhelmed and nothing compared to that first dress. I tried on a lot of beautiful dresses but they just weren’t my dress.

Over lunch, and a margarita, I looked back to the pictures of the dresses from the first appointment. I never even looked at the other dresses, I only looked at the picture of that first dress. I called the salon and made an appointment to go buy my dress the next weekend.

Moral of the story, go with your gut. When they say “you’ll just know” they’re telling you the truth. I couldn’t be happier with my dress, it is absolutely perfect! I’ll be walking down the aisle in my Ysa Makino ball gown in just a few short months!


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