Pupdate – Bear’s First Three Months

Hello lovelies! So in case you’ve been living under a rock we got a dog! We rescued Bear, a Cocker Spaniel/Dachshund mix, from the DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue

He is around six years old but still has plenty of energy! He is definitely always down to cuddle and loves tennis balls. He also seems to really love pizza; he has a tendency to steal uneaten crust from Ryan.

We talked about getting a dog and we looked for a while and did a lot of research. We always knew we wanted to get a dog after we got married. We originally said that we were going to wait one year before we got a dog. Then we met Bear, formerly Flynn/Batman, at a meet and greet at a local PetSmart. I knew instantly that I wanted to take him home. So after we filled out our application, had our home visit and after what felt like a lifetime of waiting Bear was home! 

So here’s how his first three months have been.

Transition: Bear had a little bit of a rough transition period with us. He’d already been through a few homes by the time he got to us. Bear was fine until his second night. He had diarrhea for days! TMI I know, but it was constant and all night! He would get us up every two hours and by the time we got up, got him out of the cage, disarmed the alarm, got his leash and headed outside he couldn’t hold it anymore. I ended up just sleeping with him on the couch for two nights to try and make it easier. It helped a little. This lasted for about a week and then he seemed to be on the mend.

Sleeping: He was used to sleeping in his crate when we got him and we didn’t want to mess with his routine too much to start so we kept doing that. That lasted a few nights and after he’d been so sick we just let him sleep in the bed and now he sleeps there every night. He has steadily moved up the bed and is basically between us every night. 

Daytime: We decided we didn’t want to crate him at all. If he slept in his crate and was crated while we were at work he’d end up in the crate for 13-16 hours a day and we didn’t feel right about that. We ended up turning our breakfast nook into a room for him. He seemed to do much better, until he learned how to push the gates over. When he would get out into the house he was having accidents. Now he just stays in the downstairs portion of the house and we have had more than a week of no accidents!

Food: He currently eats Royal Canine Veterinary Diet Urinary SO. This is what he was already eating when he came to us. They said it appeared he had some UTI’s that had gone untreated and so this food was to help prevent crystals from forming in his urine. You can only get this with a prescription from the vet but we do have it on autoship from Chewy.com now.  

Play: He LOVES toys! His favorite is the ChuckIt! Ultra Rubber Ball Dog Toy. He loved the regular tennis balls he found in the house but the yellow fuzz actually ended up making him sick so these were a great resolution. He loves chew toys in general and he is very rough on plush toys. He can’t have anything with stuffing in it unsupervised.


Overall he is getting on a schedule and he is doing so well. He is learning so fast and he has been the best addition to our little family. There is nothing better than his snuggles in the morning. I can’t wait for the many years ahead with him. 


xoxo Britt


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