Changing My Name – with HitchSwitch

Hello lovelies! Well I changed it on Facebook and Insta but unfortunately that doesn’t make it legal. I’m talking about my last name. I have known for a very long time that I would hyphenate my last name when I got married – who would get rid of DeVine?

I put off the process because I felt like I wouldn’t have the time and really didn’t know where to start the process. What do I change first? Where do I go? Where do I start?

So, luckily I found a brochure from a bridal show that I went to here in Dallas for a company called HitchSwitch.  This company is a lifesaver! They have different packages so finding the fit is very easy!

They have three different packages to choose from:

Print at Home $29: Ready to do it yourself but overwhelmed by where to start? This package is for you! Change your name in minutes and online access to all of your paperwork

Full Service $69*: Full Service Best for busy newlyweds who need to save time and hassle. Change your name in minutes, online access to all of your paperwork, receive your auto-filled paperwork in the mail, and pre-paid mailing envelopes.

*This is the package the I chose.

Platinum $89: Full Service package PLUS a ready-to-ship passport photo (skip the line) & your Personal Name Change Concierge. Change your name in minutes, online access to all of your paperwork, receive your auto-filled paperwork in the mail, pre-paid mailing envelopes, free printed passport photo, and a Name Change Concierge.

Here’s how the time line happened (after I finally found the time to start the process) –

November 16 – Went to Dallas County and got copies of our marriage license and went to the SSA and filed for a new social security card. They said I would have it in the mail in two weeks.

November 24 – My new social security card came in the mail.

December 7 – I spent my entire day at the DMV for a process that took about 5 minutes.

December 14 – My new drivers license arrives in the mail.

So the big stuff is done now and I’ve legally changed my name! I still have a few things left to do. I have to get my car registration changed over and then all my memberships and such need to be changed. So I still have a ways to go but HitchSwitch has definitely a huge help! I honestly don’t know that I would’ve gotten far in the process or even have known where to begin without it. It was a real lifesaver!

What I learned – start early and make sure you have time to commit to the process. I did have to take two vacation days for the process, one for the Social Security Office and one for the DMV. Also, after you change your name on your social security card you only have 30 days to get your license changed.

The process is daunting and a little bit intimidating but HitchSwitch made the whole process so much easier. If you are a newlywed I highly recommend buying a package and using their service.


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