One Blogger Boss Planner Review

This year I really wanted to make blogging a priority. When I saw that One Small Blonde created a planner just for blogging I knew my prayers had been answered. I saw the post she made about it being available and I ordered it immediately.

Side note: OSB is one of my favorite bloggers and definitely someone I look up to in this industry. If you haven’t given her a follow on insta yet you need to!

It came in the mail about two weeks after I ordered it. The package included the planner and a thank you note from OSB herself, personally thanking you for purchasing the planner.

My initial thoughts on the planner were that it was cute, yet professional which is sometimes a hard balance to achieve. It includes a how to section so you can use the planner to its full potential. It is full of calendars, recaps and goal setting sections. It really was created with bloggers in mind, it has sections for affiliations, collabs and keeping track of expenses. It also helps you plan when to post content onto social media in addition to planning blog posts. It really has thought of everything.

I do wish that the calendar had come already filled in with the dates, I’m personally not a fan of having to write in days on a calendar. BUT I do understand it makes it easier for people to buy all year long if they can fill in and start the dates when they purchase the planner.

If we’re being honest, the planner scared me a little bit when I first looked into it. This planner is for real boss babes who want to succeed and are looking for all the tools to do so. That in itself is an accomplishment, decided to succeed. But, you can purchase all the tools in the world but only using them will make you successful. I’d like to thank OSB for thinking of this and putting it out there for those of us who need a little push and a lot of organization.

So if you are ready to purchase your tool to help you succeed click here. Please know I wrote this post completely on my own and will receive no compensation if you buy through this link. I truly believe in this planner and the OSB’s mission behind it. Just women empowering women over here!


XOXO Britt


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