Amazon Picks – July


Well the year is officially over! My July Amazon picks feature some great transition pieces to kick off the second half of the year! Most of these items are available on Amazon Prime!

Copy of April Amazon Picks.png


  1. Picun Bluetooth Headphones Wireless – I picked up these headphones for work. You know if it comes in a shade of Tiffany Blue I’m going to buy it! These can be bluetooth or wired which was something I was really looking for. They are comfortable over the ears and they don’t hurt when I have earrings in. I love these!
  2. Knock Knock All Out Of Pad Grocery List Note Pad – I’m really trying to keep everything in our house organized, including the fridge and pantry. This magnetizes right to the fridge so it’s never out of sight out of mind. Plus it’s a pretty all inclusive list but it still does have room to write in other items.
  3. mDesign Plastic Freestanding Water Bottle Storage Organizer – I bought these for our cabinet because I was tired of our cups being unorganized. During these hot summer months hydration is very important and with that comes always being able to find a cup! I always take a big cup of water with me to work so it’s great always being able to find one.
  4. Asskdan Women’s Fashion V Neck Leaves Print Short Sleeve Jumpsuit Romper – This romper is so cute! I was drawn to it because the first review said “perfect for curvy girls” and that is rare in rompers! This is made out of a comfortable material and is going to be great for going out in this summer. Plus if you are a little curvier in the back it has great coverage!
  5. Margarita Beach Towel Holders by O2COOL – It’s the worst when your towel is blown off your chair by a summer breeze. Not that we get a lot of breeze here but still! These are clips to go on your beach chair and keep your towel in place! Plus, how cute are these little margaritas?


Happy shopping!

xoxo Britt


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