Goal Update – June

Well the year is officially half over. 2019 has already been pretty exciting. I started a new job, I’ve really jumped into this blogging thing full heartedly and we’ve been married for one year. So all that being said let’s see how these goals are going.

  1. Become more involved in the blogger community – In June I was invited to another blogger meet-up. It did end up getting cancelled which was a total bummer. I also got my first partnership in the month of June, stay tuned for that!
  2. Post two blog posts a week OR eight posts a month – June only saw four blog posts so that was 50% of my goal. June ended up being a very busy month for us.
  3. Read all the Harry Potter books – I’m on the third HP book. I didn’t do a lot of reading in the month of June but I’m hoping to make it more of a priority this coming month.
  4. Eat healthier – I’ll be very honest, that didn’t happen this month. My stress eating got the best of me this month and we celebrated our anniversary with a lot of good food! BUT while I wish I had done better on this goal I don’t regret not meeting it. I’m working on loving my body at all stages, even when it’s not exactly like I’d like it to be.
  5. Workout three times a week – HA! Yeah this didn’t happen. I haven’t been making getting active a priority like I should be.
  6. Participate in 3 5K’s – I’ve still only participated in one so far but I did sign up do to the American Heart Association Walk later this year.

So here we are, halfway through the year and while I didn’t crush my goals this past month I still have plenty of time. I still have six months and I plan to work harder than ever.


xoxo Britt


Published by B. DeVine

Lover of Jesus and margaritas, fitness and donuts, and naps and coffee.

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