Working From Home

I’ve been working from home for one week and I’ve learned a lot. COVID-19 has drastically changed what my work place and work day look like. It seems a lot of companies are also working from home, or will be soon, so here are some tips I’ve learned while working from home in quarantine.

First of all, I know working from home is a dream come true for a lot of people. However, it’s not for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the occasional day where I can sleep in and work from home but I’m not built to do this everyday. I’m an extrovert for the most part and so being around other people recharges me and I’m actually more productive in a team setting. I’m a type A personality and I knew if I was going to make this work I had to have a plan to be my most productive.

Here is what I’ve learned from my first full week of working from home:

1.Make a schedule and stick to it

Keep your morning routine as normal as possible. Don’t linger on your morning coffee and keep your day as normal as you can. If you normally work on a task for an hour at the office, continue to dedicate an hour to it when you work from home. Also, make sure that you have a strict start and finish time for your day.

2.Get up and get ready

Get up and get out of bed! Take a shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair. Also, make sure to get out of your pajamas. Even if your in cozy clothes, changing will make all the difference. I get it, you’re at home and you deserve to be comfortable so take advantage of that…but not too much.

3. Have a dedicated workspace

I know that I am very lucky to have a home office and not everyone does. That’s fine! Whether it’s your table or kitchen island, just have a place that is all yours for the working hours. I’d also recommend it not be your bed or your couch. Have a comfortable chair with support and outlets for your computer to charge. I personally like to have elbow room and enough room to keep a cup of water close by. Side tip – you should always be hydrating!

4. Take a break / lunch like you would at the office

I have found this to be really important. I sometimes get caught up in making sure I “work all day” when working from home. I had to remind myself that when I’m at the office I take a lunch break, get up to stretch and go to the bathroom regularly. You shouldn’t feel guilty for also doing those things when working from home. You’re (hopefully) working just as hard and deserve your breaks.

5. Close your computer at quitting time

 When the work day is over, quit working! A work life balance is so important and even more so when working from home. The work will be there tomorrow so make sure when the work day is over you close your computer and go back to your home life. You deserve it.

I’m still new to working from home and I’m hoping it’s not permanent, at least for now. If you have any other tips for working from home I’d love to hear them, please leave me a comment below.


xoxo Britt



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