I Hosted a Stella and Dot Party and Here’s What Happened…

In the month of September I hosted a Stella and Dot party on Facebook. A friend of mine from college, Liz, sells for them and her Facebook postings were very intriguing so I asked her what all it took to put one on. She is in Houston and I am in Dallas so an online party was obviously the best option. The best part, there truly was no catch. You didn’t have to sell a certain amount for your party to count and you weren’t required to join or pay to put on the party.

She put up the event on Facebook and I just had to invite people. That was easy! After inviting everyone I knew, literally, Liz started posting things to get ready for the “party.” There was one designated night during the Facebook event where Liz got on a posted for giveaways and showed how versatile the jewelry was. All I had to do was go on and “like” and comment on the posts. After the hour that that took I just waited for about two weeks for people to order their jewelry.

I ended up having a pretty successful party. With my hostess rewards I ended up with three half-priced items and over $150.00 in credit. With the rewards I ended up getting a super cute clutch, two bracelets and three pairs of earrings. I saved over $250.00 on all the pieces I ordered.

Now I will say that Stella and Dot is not cheap but it’s a high quality product. From what I can tell it is worth the investment. They just released their winter collection so if you are looking for a treat yo’self moment, this is it! Follow the link above to shop and join Liz’s Facebook group to see everything first! And if you’re thinking of hosting a party there is no one better to pair up with than Liz, give her a shout!

Here’s what I ended up with:

unnamed (2).jpg


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