Panic! at the Disco Concert Outfit


Tank // Vest // Shorts // Shoes

Hey y’all! So if you already follow me on insta (@blondeandcaffeinated) you probably saw my recap of the Panic! at the Disco from Saturday night, it was amazing! It was my third time to see P!ATD perform live.

I picked an outfit that I knew would be comfortable, easy to dance in, and super cute for the night. No affiliate links this time – just the products.

This outfit really did hold up to the night. I was comfy and cute through every song. The vest was an impulse buy but I knew it would be a perfect transition piece for fall. And the tank was definitely needed in my wardrobe and this one is so soft and comfortable I will probably be living in it from now on.

It was definitely one of my favorite performances I’ve seen Brendon do. The entertainment value was high and he played a lot of my favorite songs so that was great! I also spent the night with great friends and that makes any night better! P!ATD has been my favorite band for a long time and so it’s always exciting to see them live. This was also very exciting because this is the biggest venue I’ve seen him perform in – American Airlines Center.


Here’s a few pictures from the concert hopefully, like I said, you got to experience the recap as it was happening on my insta story! What’s your favorite band to see live in concert?


xoxo Brittney

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