Goal Update – September

Hey y’all! How is it already October?! For real, 2018 is almost over and that’s insane. However, I’m not complaining because we are entering my favorite time of year!

So entering my favorite seasons means that September is gone and it’s time for a quick update on how my goals are going. Let’s see…

  1. Finish the three books sitting on my nightstand – Well I haven’t finished any of them yet and actually added a fourth. The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom has made it on the list. It will probably be started next because he’s one of my favorite authors.
  2. Attend AT LEAST three kickboxing classes a week OR a total of 48 classes by the end of the year – Yeeeaaahh that didn’t happen. I think I max made it to two classes a week. And I’ve definitely been slacking on this. BUT I have good intentions to start back and get on track. Wish me luck!
  3. Post AT LEAST one new blog post every week – so 16 blog posts, minimum, by the end of 2018 – I published five blog posts since publishing my new goals for 2018. I’m in a little bit of a writing slump, what do y’all want to see more of? More fashion picks. more opinions or more lists and to tens? Let me know in the comment section!
  4. Post AT LEAST four times per week to Instagram AND be more active on Insta stories – I actually made 28 Instagram posts and I did make a real effort on Insta stories. I’m doing a lot of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t on there.
  5. Have my office completely set up before the holidays – This I have made some progress on! I have my shelves up on the wall and my desk is relatively set up. I just ned to finish my gallery wall and organize a few things and I’ll be good to go!

So I was actually a little nervous to write this update because I didn’t feel like I was doing that well on my goals but after writing this I feel a little better about them. How do you stay on top of your goals, especially at this time of year when there never seems to be enough time?

Let me know and we’ll work on it together!

xoxo Brittney

Published by B. DeVine

Lover of Jesus and margaritas, fitness and donuts, and naps and coffee.

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