First Year of Marriage – His & Her Q&A

If you remember, this time last year I posted a Q&A before we got married, which you can read here. Well now we’ve hit our one year mark so I felt it was only right to do a Q&A for our anniversary!

What has been your favorite memory?

Ryan: My favorite memory is our honeymoon. It was one of the best weeks of my life. Being on the beach with Brittney was really fun and getting to walk around the city of San Diego was something I’ll never forget.

Brittney: Our first Christmas together. Decorating our house and waking up on Christmas morning to do our first little family Christmas was definitely a highlight for me.

What is the best part about being married?

Ryan: The best part about being married is knowing that I’ll spend most of every day with her and that every day is a new adventure. And she lets me play NBA2K with my friends whenever I want, even when she is upset at me.

Brittney: Getting to see Ryan every day and making all the tiny memories together. There is no one I’d rather do life with.

What is the hardest part about being married?

Ryan: Trying to not get on her nerves because I tend to do that, sometimes for fun.

Brittney: The hardest part has definitely been trying to find a balance in a lot of things. Ryan and I definitely don’t see eye to eye on some things and so the give and take has been trying at times. It’s all part of making it work.

Is being married everything you thought it would be?

Ryan: Yes. I knew there would be ups and downs, but the ups have been as good as I expected. And I also expected to watch Gilmore Girls with you, which we have.

Brittney: In some ways it is and in some ways it’s so much more. When we got married I definitely had a realization moment that “wow, you’re my husband! We get to pick each other everyday. I get to love you for the rest of my life” and in some ways I continue to have that realization.

What is the most important thing you learned?

Ryan: That arguing isn’t always bad and it strengthens our relationship.

Brittney: This was the number one piece of advice we were given when we got married and it is so true – pick your battles. Not everything has to be a fight and you don’t always have to be right. That has been a hard one for me for sure and I’m still learning, even a year later.


xoxo Britt


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