Bear Pupdate & Pheromone Collars

If you can’t tell by Instagram Bear is doing great. He still loves to sleep all day, go for walks around our development and treats. He’s also trying to find new ways to steal food off our plates.

We did have one scare with him, he got into some raisins and we had to rush him to the animal ER. FYI raisins and grapes can lead to acute kidney failure in dogs, it’s a big deal. Bear was in the hospital for two days and continuous fluids after it happened. I had never been such a wreck, it was the worst dog mom experience I’d ever had. We learned that night that you can never leave food out AND always call the emergency vet. It never hurts to call and just make sure, it can literally save your dogs life.

Now, on to happier things! If you remember from my last pupdate – which you can read here – we’ve had an issue with Bear peeing in the house. We talked to our veterinarian about it an he suggested that we try a pheromone collar. Our vet said that it seemed that Bear was having these accidents because he was getting anxious during the day. The pheromone collar releases calming pheromones to help soothe the dog and they last for 30 days.

We have the collar on a subscription to be delivered once a month from Amazon. You can also order them through your vet or  The look just like a flea collar, Bear isn’t a huge fan when we put a new collar on but after about 10 minutes he forgets it’s even there.

I highly suggest you always talk to your vet before you make an decision about your pet but the pheromone collar has worked wonders for us! It keeps Bear from having accidents while we’re at work, he isn’t the least bit nervous on car rides and when we leave him with Ryan’s parents he doesn’t whine at all anymore.

So, if you pet is anxious a pheromone collar may be the way to go, but always talk with your vet first.


xoxo Britt

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